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Picture of tank at West Point.West Point:

West Point Photo Gallery and project information

West Point Military Academy wanted three decorative imprinted projects. The first was a walkway from the street, across the main parking lot and going to their Visitors Center. The asphalt walkway needed to look like actual tiles that were already in place at the front entrance to the building. Photos 1-6 are from this project.

The second imprint project was a walkway and sitting area along the Hudson River. The area had been damaged by storms and needed repairs. Photos 7-12 shows the imprinting used to decorate the asphalt.

The third imprint was for Michie Stadium. West Point has completed several restoration projects over the years and wanted to decorate some areas of the stadium.  Photos 13-14 shows this project. 

Picture of Sign at Spring Medow.Spring Meadow Condominium:

Spring Meadow Photo Gallery and project information

The Spring Meadow Condominium requested resurfacing of their main road and parking lot. Resurfacing of the main road required 2 inches of existing asphalt be removed and replaced with 2 inches of new asphalt. Photos 1-4 are from this project.

The second project required complete removal of old asphalt and installation of 3 inches of new asphalt. Photos 5- 7 are from this project.

Picture of sign at Continental OrganicsContinental Organics:

Continental Organics Photo Gallery and project information

Continental Organics is a service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. They produce fresh, locally grown food using a  combination of aquaponic, hydroponic, and conventional organic field farming practices. VanEtten is paving their new facilities in Orange County, New York

OCCSUNY Orange/Orange County Community College:

SUNY Orange/OCCC Photo Gallery and project information

Orange County Community College, or SUNY Orange, is a unit of the State University of New York (SUNY) offering two year associates degrees. VanEtten is providing paving for OCCC roads, parking lots and converting a tennis court into a temporary parking area. This is associated with the ongoing construction at the school including a 300 car Garage.

CastleAndLogoThe Castle Fun Center in Chester NY

The Castle Gallery and project information

The castle is an all-around family entertainment center with a restaurant and pub. It also hosts events such as birthday parties, business meetings, and other corporate events. They needed to expand their parking facilities to accommodate a new outside meeting area. VanEtten graded and paved their new 150 car parking area and repaved a private road used to exit the parking area.       

house320x200Mohonk Mountain House

The Mohonk Mountain House Photo Gallery and project information

The Mohonk Mountain House also known as Lake Mohonk Mountain House, is a historic American resort hotel located on the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, New York. At Mohonk Mountain House Vanetten is paving a parking lot, sport courts, walkways and a private road located at the main entrance. Special care was needed around the main entrance to minimize any inconvenience to resort guests.

truck320x200Michael Bigg, Jr.

Michael Bigg, Jr. Photo Gallery and project information

Michael Bigg, Jr. in business sine 1942, recently built a garage located in Vails Gate, NY to house a fleet of heavy duty towing and recovery vehicles. The large building contains a total of 16 truck entrance bays distribute around the four sides of the building. Vanetten was contracted to pave the area around the building. A special asphalt mixture was required because of the size and weight of vehicles including a large mobile crane.