truck320x200Michael Bigg, Jr.

Michael Bigg, Jr. in business sine 1942, recently built a garage located in Vails Gate, NY to house a fleet of heavy duty towing and recovery vehicles. The large building contains a total of 16 truck entrance bays distribute around the four sides of the building. Vanetten was contracted to pave the area around the building. A special asphalt mixture was required because of the size and weight of vehicles including a large mobile crane.


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Typical Towing Truck At Site  Photo 1

Typical Towing Truck At Site  Photo 1

Unloading Equipment  Photo 2

Unloading Equipment  Photo 2

Starting Paving Project  Photo 3

Starting Paving Project  Photo 3

Compacting  Photo 4

Compacting  Photo 4

Area has been compacted and leveled.  Photo 5

Area has been compacted and leveled.  Photo 5

Digging - Some existing asphalt required removal.  Photo 6

Digging - Some existing asphalt required removal.  Photo 6

Grading  Photo 7

Grading  Photo 7

Grading  Photo 8

Grading  Photo 8

Paving  Photo 9

Paving  Photo 9

Paving  Photo 10

Paving  Photo 10

Paving & Rolling  Photo12

Paving & Rolling  Photo 11

Rolling asphalt with heavy roller.  Photo 13

Rolling asphalt with heavy Duty roller.  Photo 12

Rolling Asphalt  Photo 13

Rolling Asphalt  Photo 13

Almost finished  Photo 14

Almost finished  Photo 14

Finished  Photo 15

Finished  Photo 15