CastleAndLogoThe castle is an all-around family entertainment center with a restaurant and pub. It also hosts events such as birthday parties, business meetings, and other corporate events. To accommodate a new outside meeting pavilion The Castle needed to expand and improve their parking facilities. VanEtten graded and paved a new parking area, repaved Some existing parking and repaved a bridge used to exit the new facilities. The total combination of new and repaved parking areas totals about 150 spaces.

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New Lower Parking Area  Photo 1

New Lower Parking Area  Photo 1

Grading Lower Area  Photo 2

Grading Lower Area  Photo 2

Grading Lower Area  Photo 3

Grading Lower Area  Photo 3

Owner and Operator  Photo 4

Owner and Operator  Photo 4

Paving Lower Area  Photo 5

Paving Lower Area  Photo 5

Paving Lower Area  Photo 6

Paving Lower Area  Photo 6

Paving Lower Area  Photo 7

Paving Lower Area  Photo 7

Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 8

Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 8

Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 9

Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 9

Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 10

Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 10

Paving Exit Braidge

Paving Exit Bridge  Photo 11

Finished Exit Bridge  Photo 12

Finished Exit Bridge  Photo 12

Finished Lower Parking Area  Photo 13

Finished Lower Parking Area  Photo 13

Finished Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 14

Finished Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 14

Finished Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 15

Finished Repaving Existing Parking  Photo 15