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Photo 14 Side Entrance Michie Stadium

Photo 13 Side Entrence Michie Stadium

Here you can see the sidewalk is a gray herringbone pattern with a simple gold border. Gray, black and gold matches West Point cadet colors. 

West Point Military Academy

West Point Military Academy wanted three decorative imprinted projects. The first was a walkway from the street, across the main parking lot and going to their Visitors Center. The asphalt walkway needed to look like actual tiles that were already in place at the front entrance to the building. Photos 1-6 are from this project.

The second imprint project was a walkway and sitting area along the Hudson River. The area had been damaged by storms and needed repairs. Photos 7-12 shows the imprinting used to decorate the asphalt.

The third imprint was for Michie Stadium. West Point has completed several restoration projects over the years and wanted to decorate some areas of the stadium.  Photos 13-14 shows this project.